Friday, 17 October 2014

Native American Husky

Native American Husky is one of California tiller origin of Suretta Dog in the United States (sled pulling dog species).

Native American Indian Husky is also referred to American large dog. Actually, there is no totally involved from the old American native origin of the dog species. Therefore, such a name now renamed is considered as being inappropriate. Until a new breed name is determined, Native American Husky is the name that used at the beginning


Is a Suretta dog that has been produced by a man named Becky Gyariha in the 1970s. Talented and with the aim of fast breed of foot, Siberian Husky, Alaskan Husky, Alaskan Malamute, Canadian Eskimo Dog, it has been produced by multiplying the like Chinook. Since the ability than appearance the production early stage has been grown is emphasized, the variation is seen in the appearance still. The reason why the appearance of good appearance, such as the wolf and husky was added to the standard is that in recent years, it previously were many things you do not look at, such as is currently known.

It is mainly used as a professional that you need to pull the sled in the team. There is a friendship of, because you can get along with Suretta Dog of other species, and is often used in teams to mix types.

Due to appearance of diversity now, the formal Kennel Club has not been certified. For popular it is originally rare breed fewer number of cattle, but there, it is not possible to see in the first non-Origin and Alaska. Although retired dogs have also been bred as a pet, which was grown as a dog show very little.


If you have a muscular figure, legs long. It is combines both of horsepower and speed, it is also one of the dog species with an excellent ability as Suretta. It is a major characteristic that the appearance similar to Wolf. However, look it has become the standard friendly. Ear Standing ear, tail is bushy drooping tail. Coat is thick, very high cold resistance as has become a double structure. Thickness common but, two types are present in the length of the coat. One is of short short coat type that without hesitation, the other one is of the long and rich soft long coat type. Both appearance is not changed to be an appearance similar to wolf, it is possible to employ either select one of either type coat the needs of the consumer. In addition, short coat type that does not get in the way not too long coat is to run a short distance, and those of higher long coat type is cold weather is used in the cold of harsh environments and long-distance race. Hair color but is preferred that colored plaques enters as the base white, the other hair color has also been accepted. Withers 53~66cm, a large dog of body weight 18~41kg, bleeding has been carried out separately the size into three classes. Personality is cheerful and good-natured, friendly. Friendly property is high, I can get along with small dogs and children of the body than their own. It is suitable also to shepherd multi-head. Discipline of swallowing well also, situation judgment is also high. Although also the dogs facing well to be kept as domestic dog, momentum needs to be fed with care because numerous. Susceptible to disease background is hot and humid and stuffy in an environment prone to dermatitis, there is such as rheumatoid disease caused by exercise Works too.

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